Posted by: cworthy | March 2, 2012

So Many Mosquitos

The warm winter of 2012 advanced the mosquito season in the Indian River Lagoon. Where I fished yesterday there were so many they turned my pant leg dark with teir bodies and I could feel them bouncing off my swinging  hand as I walked in the dark to where I like to fish. Even though I had bug spray on my face the little biters found any spot I missed. There were thousands and thousands of them.

Despite the bugs I had fun getting a bonnet head shark of about three feet to follow my fly and I had fun with a snook that made short work of my 12-pound leader. It took the snook just two jumps to wear

through it. I stuck to fishing a fly all day and didn’t switch to live bait which would have been more productive. By the time I went home I had caught snook, trout and lady fish. Missing were reds, jacks and bluefish from the catch.


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