Posted by: cworthy | February 11, 2012

I caught a snook today.

Gator trout earn their name.

I caught a snook this morning. It didn’t fight much, it didn’t jump, it didn’t take line, it just came in – in the cast net that I had thrown at some bait fish. I guess I shouldn’t claim catching a snook if I didn’t catch it on a hook, but…oh forget it.

I had a hard time at first catching small finger mullet, netting bigger ones instead. I selected the smallest, which weren’t all that small at 10 inches or so, and lobbed them out into the area that I had been working with a fly with no luck. On the first cast a big trout popped at the mullet more than several times trying to catch it before it was  finally successful. Because the bait was so big I had to wait a long time for the fish to get the mullet around and going down and was glad I brought a book to read. Tighting up too soon just doesn’t work.

Later, I caught some smaller finger mullet and the trout gobbled them easily. Big snook that also live in the area have such big mouths that a 10 inch mullet is nothing to them. Too bad I didn’t get one of those today.

This fishing is a good job.


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