Posted by: cworthy | February 3, 2012

Salmon and snappers

I was remembering this morning the time long ago when there was so much bait, alewives, in Lake Michigan that they would form huge balls that would come to the surface driven by huge numbers of salmon underneath them. That was back in the infancy  of the fisherery, before zebra mussels and over-planting of salmon changed things. I remembering telling one of my fellow charter captains that it all could change and he looked at me like I was nuts. Now years later we know that it did change and while we have excellent fishing out of Leland for salmon, it isn’t like the days when you came back tothe dock with 200 pounds of salmon on a half day trip.

And so how did I remember that? Well I just got back from the trip to the Dry Tortugas where we pounded the sapper and grouper and I went out with my fly rod around here. I saw some glass minnows being chased to the surface and put a fly right in the middle  of the action and the photo shows what I caught, a small snapper. One day a hero, the next a….


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