Posted by: cworthy | October 27, 2011

Grouse Are Tough To Hit

Lot of chickens - no eggs for this hunter today. Here a couple of shells that have been reloaded a number of times with one ounce of 7 1/2 shot pushed out the barrel at 1250 fps. Now if the birds would fly in the open and give me fair warning not to be in some awkward position I might do a little better with these loads.

About the time I start thinking that this grouse hunting game is easy I get a lesson in the reality of the sport. Today I had 18 grouse flushes, four shots, and zero grouse  in the bag. At least the woodcock were good to me, although I missed quite a few of them too on the way to a limit of three birds.

The bright side was the great dog work and classy points. Birdie ran hard for almost five hours this morning and didn’t quit, but when  at the end of the day I opened the dog box for her to jump out of the truck she looked at me pleadingly and I gently lifted her and set her on the ground where she walked stiffly to go get a drink.


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