Posted by: cworthy | October 19, 2011

How Do You spell Botox? Anyway, its the look of a happy grouse dog.

Sid's lips get all puffy and so do her eyebrows. And both dogs legs and chests have the hair worn off, but if you ask them if they want to go to the woods the answer is always yes!

The dogs have four days off, much to their dissapointment. They need the rest time and I suppose I do too. Our yard needs its first raking and the to-do list is long, but if I get cracking and get it done  we’re going back to the woods soon.

Keeping a dog in shape is a challenge. They lose weight, get scratched, gouged, and bug-bit. They start the season a little on the fat side and end it looking like  bone bags held together by muscle and cord. For some reason they don’t eat as much and I have to tempt them with fancied-up dishes. In the morning they get what I call a protein treat, which is a home made meat ball bigger than a golf ball. I make them by mixing their high protein dry dog food with burger and then cooking it on a cookie sheet in the oven. As it cooks the juices from the meat get soaked up in the dry food and not much is lost.  The dogs love them and it helps them I think.

Because they hunt so hard, for hours on end I’ve found a pattern that helps extend the number of days they can go. Here is how it goes. Dog one starts its turn in the afternoon, usually a shorter two hour hunt. Then, after  nights rest they go again in the morning for up to three hours before getting 24 hours of rest. Dog two then starts in the afternoon for its turn, and follows the same pattern. It works, except that the one who is resting complains bitterly about being left behind.

In the evening Sid snores loudly and Birdie heads for her dog box where she listens carefully to what is going on. Let something drop on the kitchen floor, or have her hear me sit down to read and she’s out of her box like a rocket looking for a snack or a pat. And if  I don’t pat her  like she wants she just bats me with her nose until I do.

An speaking of noses, I wondered why Birdie’s nose was all swollen on the bridge. Then one day I saw what she was doing. When running at high speed she has learned to lift branches in her way with her nose so she can go under. Not all branches are small and she’ll take on limbs as big as a broom handle and some don’t budge easily and that explains the banged up nose.

Get out and enjoy what you can, so when you look back someday when you no longer can, you don’t see a trail of opportunity lost.




  1. Those dogs sure have a great life! I love reaeding about the hunts.

    I made it out to the north island Saturday PM went 3-8 pretty quickly on the ENE side but couldnt get fish to the boat!! and then the bite stopped completely. fished bait and structure – went high and low but it was not meant to be. We did keep a few for each of our families to have dinner. Was beautiful out there and was well worhth the trip.
    I think next time I will work the skinny water program with boards and give the shallows some time with cleos and rapalas.
    fished off of Leland Sun morning early and didnt do too much there either 2-4 best fish a laker…..I kept thinking about running boards in shallow but will save that for next time – always works near Tawas over here.

    Take care Bill!

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