Posted by: cworthy | October 18, 2011

Buckeye Boys Can Fish!

Travis and Mark and some dandy steelies.

Here is what these two guys who know the fall fishing ropes wrote.

“Mark and I caught these in just a little over three hours of fishing on Sat. Oct. 8th out of Glen Arbor, Mich.  The bigger fish are steelhead trout while the smaller ones are two year old king salmon.  Mark’s fish was right at 12 lbs. and the one I have was 10.5 lbs.  The “little” steelhead was a shade over 9lbs.   We also caught a couple little one year “shaker” salmon that we got back into the lake. ”

I get to meet a bunch of over-the-top fishermen like these guys and feel lucky for it. All of you, thanks for sharing your successes.

If the weather gives you a break go catch some more. The fish are there.



  1. those are great looking trout! I didnt get any like that – maybe next time! I love the steelhead but the salmon I brought home were incredible on the grill.

    Looking like Leland might be fishable this weekend…….. Will be there for a Sat PM and a Sunday (hopefully AM) trip – weather depending of course

  2. Steve,
    I hope you can get out this weekend. I’ll be interested to see if you catch any more of those big 3-year fish. Keep us posted.

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