Posted by: cworthy | October 6, 2011

October 5, 2011 Just Another Day in the Grouse Woods

The fisrst grouse of the day came from "traditional" cover.

Yesterday we hunted a cover that is way away from any road and takes nearly an hour to hike to its center. The cover is a mixture of multi-age aspen cuts, creeks, hills of maple and oak, plenty of spruce and plenty of ground cover. When we hunt it we never get off the old logging trails, although we probably should to find the most birds. I don’t think any other bird hunter with a dog ever gets back in there and the only other humans that go back in are on four-wheelers hunting tending bear baits.

Normally when we hike here we flush 8 or 12 grouse and similar number of woodcock and yesterday was no different with a flush count of 13 grouse. What was notable was that seven of the birds flew out of the high maple areas where one wouldn’t normally expect them. In another week the last of the leaves will be down along with the ferns and the hardwoods will be too exposed for the grouse to hang out there for long without getting eaten by a hawk or owl.

Maybe the grouse population is still up and the birds are just spread out.  If you are a grouse hunter and reading this for the grouse population report stay tunes and I’ll keep feeding back what I’m seeing.



  1. Wow, what a treat to read all these great reports; I have been away for a few days and enjoyed getting caught up with all the updates. If you see a blue Tahoe stalking you don’t be worried, its just me following you around picking up your leftovers. Actually I hope to be stalking some Steelhead out of Frankfort this weekend…but your reports are making me rethink about some time in the woods. Great pictures too, keep them coming!!

  2. The way I shoot I leave plenty of birds in the woods, that’s for sure. Hope you catch a fish or two, or twenty!

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