Posted by: cworthy | October 4, 2011

October 4, 2011 Grouse Hunting

When this old red-phase grouse fell this morning it was time to pause to admire and appreciate. Click the image to see the fine patterns in the tail.

We were hunting a favorite cover in really good grouse country in Michigan’s UP this morning feeling the early coolness bake away as the temperatures that started in the forties soon jumped into the mid seventies. Grouse populations do not seem  quite as high this year, although I’m reluctant to pronounce much more than that. While brown, the ferns are still providing cover that allows the birds to range and there is a bumper crop of small red apples spread all over the area we were hunting, maybe that means the birds are spread out and that is why I’m not seeing as many. And, possibly the summer drought moved the birds into wet areas. More questions than answers at this point.

The aspen leaves are coming down around here and that will help me to see the birds, but will take one of my best excuses for missing grouse off the table. With this warm weather and clear sky I think we’ll get out early in the morning just-in-case the birds are coming down earlier. With temperatures scheduled to go well into the seventies tomorrow hunting for my dogs will end early.


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