Posted by: cworthy | September 19, 2011

Buy The Very Best Fly Fishing Equipment You Can Afford

A 30 inch striper on a Sage Xi3 8 wt with a Tibor reel is more fun than a man can expect. And if the fish was three times the size the equipment would wouldn't mind a bit.

This Tibor reel doesn't have the slick catalog advertising behind it, but it is the choice of serious fishermen.

If you are going to chase bluegills and small bass just about any fly reel will work becuase all it does is store line, but when the fish get big and and scream line off the reel at frightening speeds while the drag is down tight you want a reel that was built for the job. Tibor reels, while pricy, are  built to whip big fish for years and years and be passed along to your kids. During that time you might have purchased several (or more than several) less expensive reels and had them fail after a number of trips and while you are shelling out the dollars for another you should be wondering why you didn’t buy the best the first time around.

The Tibors in these photos replaced Orvis reels that had the great sales pitch behind them and wore out when asked to play with the big dogs for a few years.

There are a number of quality rods out There too, I like Sage because the are great tools, are made in America, and have a respected warranty behind them. Make sure you try out the rod with your reels before you buy it.



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