Posted by: cworthy | September 2, 2011

Leland Fishing Report September 2, 2011

Two boats were out today fishing and both caught a good number of fish. My friend Jim said he had eight kings and coho with a number of four-year fish in the catch. He said the wind was thrashing them pretty hard, but at least he could fish, unlike other ports where there isn’t an island to fish behind and block much of the weather.

I believe that the fishing will remain good on through September weather permitting and there should be many good catches. However I won’t be out there chasing them. I did a final oil change today and have completed almost all of the on-board winterization stuff. The boat comes out of the water Tuesday.

I’m going to keep this blog going through the next eight months and while I won’t post to it every day check back to see stories of striped bass fishing in Boston, grouse hunting in the UP and fly fishing for snook, reds, trout, bonefish and tarpon. There might be a Dry Tortugas trip in there somewhere for snapper and grouper and of course deer hunting in Texas. I’ll try to keep you a little entertained and you can do the same by sending me photos of what you are doing along with photos.

One guy told me that he checks this blog every morning when he sits down at his desk in another state to see what is happening. So help me keep him entertained with your hunting and fishing stories.

This fishing year was different from others. The salmon showed up late, but when they did they were big! I asked Big Jim who cleaned more than a few thousand kings this year in Carlson’s fish market what the biggest king they cleaned was this year and he said 27 pounds on the scale. Now I know that many fishermen claim to have caught bigger, especially on the C-Worthy, but in truth 24+ was the biggest king we weighed and there were many in the 20+  catagory. These are the same fish that end up in Traverse City and I just smile when I hear stories of guys with their own boat claiming to have caught multiple 30 pound fish when their total catch for the year was maybe 25 or even 50 kings. The nice thing about fishing is that the fish can weigh what we want them to and we are no less for believing our tales.

Trout fishing in 2011 was the best in many years. The DNR change to a 20 inch minimum was a blessing and we owe them our thanks for this. And speaking of the DNR we did not have a CO this year and I didn’t see any change in the way Fishtown boats followed the law. Small trout went back and limits were followed.

God willing I’ll be back next year telling Leland fishing stories, and trying to offer information to guys with their own boats. Until then….


I hope I catch a lot and you catch even more. Be safe in what you do.

I loved this photo...think summer!



  1. Bill thanks for all the posts throughout the season. Leland salmon fishing is a yearly trip my family looks forward to every August. I too check your blog every day throughout the summer to see what’s happening in leland. The info you post has helped be more successful on my trips out to north manitou.

    I’m putting the boat away for the year and looking forward to the upcoming grouse season. Good hunting and look forward to reading next years posts.

    • Glad you followed the blog and it helped you. Wave a net at me sometime if you see me on the water.
      I’m ready for grouse season too and while I’ll share all I know about fishing, grouse covets are a different matter. 🙂

  2. I enjoyed all the pictures and the updates, I felt like I knew a little bit about what to expect when I got a chance to fish up there. Have a great fall and winter, I will keep track of your adventures here and maybe let you know how the steelhead fishing in Frankfort goes.

  3. hows the first bank? i think were gonna head out this wknd

    • I don’t really know, but I’ll bet there are salmon there if the temp is above 100 hundred feet.

    • We caught 7 out there last Thursday and prob lost 20 more… all big fish. We had one hit a dipsy so hard that while it peeled 200 feet of line it snapped the 20 lb line between the dipsy and flasher. But that was all before the wind this past weekend. Good luck.

      • You had great fishing which I contrast tome pulling the boat out of the water this morning, cleaning all the crud off the the side and leaving iit to Manitou Marine to winterize. Glad you had great action. Now if you don’t go back and see if you can do it again you will be left wondering. That happened to me a long time ago when the steelhead were thick in the Leland river just before winter. fishing from the dock I caught five in five casts one morning. It gnawed on me after I got home thinking about whether I might have caught a second limit in five casts. Of course I living only a short drive away, but also being a good citizen I decided to…..

  4. Went out on 9-10-11 fished on the north end of the island…boated 15 the majority of them solid 3 year fish. Had a great trip and look forward to getting back to Leland next year. Thanks for having such an entertaining blog it helps me get through the days I am not fishing.

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