Posted by: cworthy | August 14, 2011

Leland Salmon Report, August 14, 2011

It was much rougher than this photo shows.

When we met in the darkness by the boat the fishing trip was in doubt. The NOAA weather buoy showed heavy wind out in the middle of the lake and while the flag in the harbor was standing out, it wasn’t cracking like it does when it is really ugly out there. I told the guys the lake would probably be very rough and they said they didn’t mind. We waited until there was a little light and decided to go out for a look. By the harbor mouth the NNE wind wasn’t horrible, just bad. We went fishing.

The plan was to go to Peterson and troll back, but the surface temp at the park was 56 degrees – no good. We jumped across the reef and the water was a little warmer. We had a few hits and boated a couple before moving out deeper. Over the course of the morning we continued to catch fish in the 40-45 foot zone and watched as occasional 5 foot plus waves chased us.  My crew handled the waves for the most part and the guy who had a little trouble was a good sport while the others smoked cigars.



  1. great story! I love fishing with guys that can handle the “chop”! Would have liked to borrow two of your guys this morning!

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