Posted by: cworthy | August 12, 2011

Leland Charter Boat Report August 12, 2011

Young Jack had an active hand in catching these trout and salmon on the first bank this afternoon.


Tomorrow is the Northport salmon tournament and I know a few of the guys fishing in it will read this in hope of learning a tidbit that will help them win. Here is what I know from today at Leland. On North Manitou the current settled quite a bit and conditions looked good, but there were not many fish on the east side. Further north some four-year kings were caught and I heard a report from one boat who said they had ten and were still fishing. Temp was down about 70 feet and fish can move in over-night as all of you know.

Another group of boats did well on the first bank with fish of all sizes like those shown from this afternoon. I guess the big one in the picture was 19-20 pounds.

For me the best bait by far was a silver spoon with blue-over-green tape. All I ask is that if you use it and catch the winner, you buy me an ice cream cone or something. Good luck.



  1. Bill,

    We had another great afternoon with you! Thanks for the fishing as well as our continued long friendship!


    • I feel the same old friend.

  2. we fished sleeping bear bay tonight and had good action but only one good “tournament” fish…..had good action from 45-75 down – what a nice evening!! plugs on cores w a little added weight was best followed by flasher fly on the rigger and then spoon dipsey combo

    good luck

    • When I was driving home I passed you guys on you way to Leland. Thanks for the update.

      Sent from my iPad

      • launched on lake st – only one other boat in there – was awesome.

  3. Thanks for the updates and the helpful info – I check in even when I’m not fishing just for the ambiance.

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