Posted by: cworthy | August 10, 2011

Radio Channel 80

Most of you who spend much time on the water around Leland and monitor channel 80 to listen to what the charter boats are doing hear a private boater get scolded now and then for using channel 80 to talk to friends. It always sounds kind of ugly and I cringe a little, but here is what it is all about.

In Leland the charter boats use this commercial channel to share information and want to keep it free of chit-chat between other boats that are in the area. You may have experienced in other ports the chatter gets out of control and you just want to turn your radio off. So here is what people should probably do while monitoring this channel and wanting to talk to a buddy who is also listening.

Just make the call to the other boat on 80 and say, “Salmonville, Salmonville, Salmonville this is Ol’ Betty. Switch and answer on 68, 68.” And then go to 68 and wait for the call. This will keep everyone happy and I’ll bet a few of the charters may follow you to 68 to hear your report 🙂

We can all be better.



  1. good info Bill and a good recipe to try as well.

  2. It is my understanding that channel 80 is listed as commercial and non-commercial on the Great Lakes only. Am I incorrect? Personally, I have no problem going with the flow, and if that is what is customary locally, I’m fine with not talking on channel 80 if I am in a recreational vessel. But isn’t technically channel 80 open to non-commercial vessels on the Great Lakes?

    Awesome website Bill, thanks for all your reports!

    • I really don’t know what the legalities are. Like you I just go with the flow and wrote this piece to hear peace on the water. Fishing should only be about fun and understanding the other guy and going with the flow.

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