Posted by: cworthy | August 9, 2011

A Too Close Encounter with a Water Spout.

After hearing of big numbers of kings on the west side of North Manitou this morning a couple of boats went looking for them. As the morning grew old clouds built in the west and charged across the lake at the fisherman. One of the charter boats reported that a large funel cloud touched down on the lake not far from him. He said it was about he size of three Leland Harbors. Pulling lines as fast as he could to move away from the spout a king hit a lure and with all the lines and downriggers out of the water the skipper backed hard on the fish and netted it before hitting the throttles and gunning away at 31 mph. He said he heard one of his passengers say, “It’s getting really close,” as he headed east as fast as he could.

Over the years we have seen many water spouts on the lake. Always in my experience they are skinny little things and not at all scary looking. If they touch down they kick up some spray and not much happens before they disappear. Today, however it was different. The charter in this story got away from the spout without incident other than a story to tell and wet clothes from the down pour of rain that over took all the boats still out on the lake.

People who look for a good time fishing always win, and people who look for a “limit” often lose.


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