Posted by: cworthy | August 5, 2011

Leland Charter Boat Report August 5, 2011

These are some of the fish we caught off the north end of North Manitou yesterday morning 45-65 feet down.

We caught a cooler full of these this afternoon. Mike is holding one.

Ok, just so I keep the record straight there was a charter this morning that caught eight  or nine fish and we threw back some of those. None were big kings like those in the photos. Hard as we try all the charter boats, including the C-Worthy, have times when it isn’t all glory.

Now having unloaded that from my conscience I can tell you that this afternoon we caught a trout, two steelies, three or four smaller salmon in the 1-3 pound range and four or five like the one Mike is holding. My crew called uncle before our usual quitting time or we might have added to the catch. I respect people who don’t keep more than they can use.

For you guys with your own boats I can’t tell you much about the north end of the island other than yesterday is was good to us, but that is not today. Some of the charters fishing an area  that I shouldn’t make public here because it is what they found, did well this morning with some big catches. Over all I would offer to you that spoons are the bait of choice, and the water temperature is up high, so start with those two facts and go to an area you know and let your lines down. I think there are some fish everywhere and lots in some places. Good luck and send your best photo.



  1. Hey Bill-

    I took 6 of my nephews and nieces, daughter jillian and two sisters in law out thursday pm – all kids between 5-12 yrs old ! had my hands full but with the coolers properly packed we did OK. Went swimming and hiking on pyramid point where they had a blast and then headed north.
    We fished the first bank and did pretty good – I thought. we hooked 8 fish and I let the kids and women do all the work except for the setting of lines they reeled and netted (or not) – was a great time that had all the kids working on a fish every 20 mins or so and culminated in all of us getting a few cranks on a 21 pounder that went to the smoke house at carlsons.

    friday we went PM with my two sons and wife and saw you on the way out. we swam off of whaleback (pyramid is better). then proceeded out towards the south end of the island. We did marginal – had 5 fish to the boat and two came unbuttoned – ended up with 3 fish to 18 pounds and lost two middle size fish. we had a great time and the weather was perfect but with the boys – who can handle the rods very well – we hoped for a heavier box but that is the way it goes. comparing notes at the dock – sounds like we did OK.
    will get after em again today.


    • You had a perfect evening to swim, fish and enjoy each other. This is the best of life, isn’t it.

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