Posted by: cworthy | August 3, 2011

Leland Charter Fishing Report, August 3, 2011

A recent steelhead.

Yesterday afternoon I was standing on the dock looking up at the sky in an erie stillness watching long bands of smooth rolling clouds come in from the lake looking like what the underside of a wave on the lake must look to a fish. The cloud waves were huge, dark, and light, menacing and moving fast. All around people were standing in the gravel by the big anchor, grouping out further, and  looking up at the sky. When I felt the first rain drop I headed for the protection of the boat and in the few short steps  it took to get there the sky opened and heavy rain poured down. People scattered for cover where they could find it and soon big puddles appeared in the gravel by the boat and a coffee colored muddy run-off  sheeted over the side walk that rings the gravel and colored the river water.

It rained like that for ten or fifteen minutes before it stopped almost as abrupptly as it started. I was glad not to have been out on the water wondering whether lightening would strike us.

This morning the rain was gone, replaced by a heavy NNW wind that held the flag out straight. One of the other boat captains remarked that when you can hear the flag cracking up on its pole over by the harbor building all the way to the boats, you can be sure it is rough on the lake. All the boats but one stayed in port this morning. Fishing is supposed to be fun and getting knocked around isn’t a good time for most people. My crew was disappointed that we were not going, but it would not have been good for them if we had forced the fishing trip. We would have been safe, but it wouldn’t have been fun and that is what fishing is all about, at least for me.

Perhaps the afternoon will be better, well see, but tomorrow the wind is forecast to be gentle and the ugly face of the lake will be mostly forgotten.

Be safe in what you do and hope the unexpected rock misses you. 



  1. Straight out of “Trout Magic”. Great stuff Dad! Headed to Fenway tonight to see if Wakefield can win career number 200. I’ll be fishing streamers at day break on Friday, Saturday, Sunday….

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