Posted by: cworthy | July 30, 2011

Lake Michigan, Leland Charter Boat Report July 30, 2011

In the early morning light  a guy moved slowly toward the boat using a cane and on one foot he had a brace. His name was Ken, poor Ken, poor poor Ken with a bad foot. I kidded him about bringing his own fishing rod and soon we were off. I headed the C-Worthy toward the north end of the north island and set up over deep water. We didn’t mark much and I just kept heading north looking for the fish that have been so thick there of late. After awhile we caught a decent king, then a small one, and finallly it was Ken’s turn.

When his fish hit Ken came off the seat liike a 16-year old, throwing his cane to the deck like an empty can. Later I told him it was almost like we had an old time religious revival and and a voice from above said, “KEN, THROW DOWN YOUR CANE AND CATCH FISH.”

We ended up with a decent catch, not great, but decent. The fish were down 60 feet and all came on spoons and fought like hell was after them.

Fishing is good for you.

Mike on the left and poor Ken on the right.

Ryan did a nice job with this king salmon.


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