Posted by: cworthy | July 27, 2011

C-Worthy’s Leland Salmon Report July 25, 2011

Some of Michelle's boys - and one little girl (not in the picture) who was constantly watching the sonar and reporting fish she spotted .

Despite windy conditions early, there were a number of good salmon catches coming off the island on the charter boats. Temp was down around 80 or so feet depending on where you fished and big kings were caught from the crib all the way to the north end, at least as far as the waves would permit. Spoons, especially dolphins,s held sway over other baits.



  1. Bill,

    We went into the bookstore downtown before dinner Monday evening and Hunter spotted your book about Fishtown. We bought a copy and he is reading it. He said he wants to go back out with you next year.


    George Kelly

    • Thanks George for the book plug. After the first printing sold out I dropped the project, and it wasn’t until last year when a Leland business owner wanted to do a reprint that it got back in stores. If someone is reading this and wants a copy just ask for Fishtown by Bill Crandell. And if you are wondering what it is about first I’ll say that it isn’t just a bunch of boring history, although it is about history, interesting happenings, people, sappy dog stories, death, fish, and things that people like me are interested in that run one layer below the surface of Fishtown.

      I’ll look forward to seeing you and Hunter next summer.

  2. Captain Bill,
    We just want to say once again what an enjoyable time we had fishing. Even with the rough water, it was all good:) We were thrilled with the all the “big” King Salmon we caught and the kids loved seeing the picture on your blog. Haylee talks about you like she’s known you her whole life. We’re guessing your kindness and the special interest you took in her will be on the top of her “Best Memories” list for a long time to come. There’s no doubt we’ll be back to fish with you again next summer! (Minus Andrew, our little sea sick guy… only if it’s up to him) (SMILE)
    I think I’m going to try to find a copy of your book before then.
    Thank you for helping make our trip fun and a success!

    The Putz Family (Jeff, Michelle, Jacob, Michael, Andrew and Haylee)

    • Haylee sure was into the fishing and I’ll bet Andrew will be too next time, especially if we have calmer conditions. Someone said that the book is on Amazon too.

      And thanks for the nice words.

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