Posted by: cworthy | July 25, 2011

C-Worthy Salmon Report, Leland July 24, 2001

Yesterday charter and private boats did well out of Leland and fishermen visiting Traverse City are coming to Leland to get in on the action. One charter had thirteen kings and another guy with his own boat whom I believe told me of a big catch of salmon at North Manitou Island last night.

This morning the fish were still there, but not feeding heavily. Catches ranged from one to three kings per boat  with maybe a steelhead or trout mixed in. Even though the lake was rough to begin the morning, fishing withthe island as a wave shield made it OK. Eventually the wind settled near mid-day and it was nice out there.

In the afternoon I headed out to catch some trout with a family that wanted the action that trout bring. And the trout didn’t disappoint us with a limit catch before the afternoon was up. By then the wind had come back to life and it was blowing 20. It was rough, but we didn’t care with a box full of trout.

One charter went to the island this afternoon and caught some kings, but Im not sure what the number finally ended up being.

All in all I still think the salmon fishery is on the up-swing. Reports of extra big-kings are common. We’ll see how it all plays out in the next few weeks. The good news for fishermen is that there is a choice: salmon or trout. Both are excellent in their own way.

With rods and gear put away the C-Worthy rests until tomorrow. What will come over this transom?


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