Posted by: cworthy | July 23, 2011

Leland Charter Boat Salmon Report July 23, 2011

Will holds his 20-something pound king.

With a thunder cloud flashing internal lightening to our north and moving away from us the C-Worthy headed out in the semi darkness toward North Manitou Island this morning. On board were good guys who had done this before with me and who had confidence that we were going to get into fish.

Marking fish as soon as I shut down, we had action from the start on both spoons and flies down around 80 feet. While we didn’t get all that hit we had a nice box of good kings. This one in the photo was the best of the morning and came off a Dipsy – rotator-fly combination.

We caught kings as did the other two charters who were out there fishing nearby. The guys who stayed inshore to fish for trout did well too. While the skies looked dark at times we stayed dry and the wind stayed reasonable. Its time to get out there and chase kings!



  1. Bill, the Kings look real big this year. I just talked to a buddy in Port Washington, Wisconsin and he said that “the huge numbers of salmon we had two weeks ago are trickling out.” Maybe they are headed northeast =) I will be up at Northport Point next weekend to get away from the Iowa heat. I’ll stop by and say hello…

    • Peter,
      With salmon numbers rapidly growing near Leland it sure supports your friend’s report from across the lake. Thanks for sharing this as I know there are a lot of guys reading this that want to know this kind of information.
      Capt. Bill – C-Worthy

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