Posted by: cworthy | July 18, 2011

Leland Charter Boat Report July 18, 2011

Sam read on this blog of the early beer drinking that some guys did on the boat this year and decided to beat their time. He snapped open his first brewski moments after I had shoved off and noted the time was just after six. These four guys are up here for a week playiing golf, fishing and having a beer or few. He said last night they were still at it at 1:00 a.m. and I thought about being young and able to do that. I think just staying up that late, beer or no beer, might finish me off.

The salmon action has been frustrating to say the least. Last week there were some good reports from S. Manitou and then that dried up. Yesterday, a couple of guys I know fished the north island. One went zero for three and the other caught a couple.

This morning we fished for salmon for an hour or so and then switched to trout. We hear reports, all unverified, that the salmon are on the Wisconsin side of the lake. There was a year not long ago when this happen and one day the fish decided to swim across and fishing got good. And there was another year not long ago when the Wisconsin boys were singing the blues and we were in fat city grinning. Who knows from year to  year what the salmon will do. I guess that we’ll just keep probing for them in all the usual places and catch big trout while we wait. I’ve noticed that while people like to catch kings, catching trout is fun too for them.



  1. I follow your blog throughout the summer because it reminds me of the great times I have salmon fishing out of Leland. Hopefully the salmon show up soon. I am heading out next Monday and would like to catch kings rather than trout.

    • I think your chances are improving by the day. Thanks for following the blog. I don’t care if you fish with me or have your own rig. It is a fun to get out there and I like seeing everyone catch some.

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