Posted by: cworthy | July 11, 2011

Leland Michigan Charter Boats July 11, 2011

Most of the Leland charter boats were out this morning looking for trout and salmon. A weather front on the Wisconsin shore kept the fleet close to Leland just-in-case the weater turned ugly. Fortunately that did not happen and the fish did bite well. The first fish of the morning was this unusual catch for us, which was identified by Jim Versnyder in Carlson’s Fishery as a cisco. He pointed out the subtle differences between a cisco and whitefish to me, but I see them so seldom that I’m sure the next time I catch one I’ll be back to him  asking just what the hell kind of whitefish this is. He said they taste very much like whitefish of dinning fame.

Anyway, the nice family I had from Dallas, TX caught a couple of kings, and six or seven trout to make a good catch.

For those of you who follow this to learn a little for your own fishing plans on your boat it would be interesting to note that another charter captain thought he marked good numbers of kings this morning and I agreed. He caught two as well. The kings were down in the 65-85 range and the trout below that by another 20 feet. And I should add that I caught all my cisco today on a fly 🙂



  1. Bill, I appreciate the updates on your blog. Sounds like the kings are finally showing up. We fished West GT bay for an hour the other night and had 3 little kings, and I checked with a guy on East Bay Sunday and he had 5 all 1 and 2 year fish. Hoping the big plants in the bays are starting to pay off. Keep up the good work, and Thanks,

  2. Chris,
    Thanks for the nice words. There are a lot of people out there who would like to know what is going on and when guys like you throw in what you know it helps everyone. Good luck out there.

  3. Bill, catching cisco on light tackle is a favorite of ours. They are extremely finickey biters, and very aggressive fighters once hooked. They are usually in deep water but come in shallower this time of year. I know some people target them in East Bay. There are many people that show up along Les Chenaux/ Drummond Island to catch them around Fourth of July… we’ve caught them in 5 feet of water while they come in and wait for the hex hatches up there. BTW, master angler size is 16″ for cisco.

    • I wouldn’t complain a bit if there were cisco mixed into our catches. How do you like them to eat?

      • They are basically a whitefish and very tasty… pan-fried ala favorite walleye recipe is a favorite for me, and good results in the smoker too. Grilling up seasoned fillets is an OK backup plan, but not as tasty as pan-fried.

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