Posted by: cworthy | July 9, 2011

Lake Michigan Bass Fishing

I didn’t have a salmon fishing charter today and so after a long morning walk with my wife and a trip to the farmers’ market I decided to hook the 14-foot boat to the truck, launch it in Suttons Bay and take a look around with my fly rod for  a bass. I found this fish near a big rock and it moved off as it saw me. I made a 30 or 40 foot cast and  could see the bass turn and take a look at the fly, which I let sink to the bottom before giving it a couple of gentle bumps. In the shallow water I could see it turn and pick up the fly and it wasn’t long before I was taking these pictures. They are a little blurry because the bass gave the camera a shower and a drop must have been on the glass. After the photo the fish went back in and not long after so did I.



  1. Hey mr crandall its jeremy jelinek I went again yesterday out off north manitou and caught one salmon still slow should have targeted some lakers o well c u out there again soon

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