Posted by: cworthy | July 8, 2011

Leland Fishing Report, July 8, 2011

Steve sent this recent photo from North Manitou Island.

Another friend  saw me this morning and said she was fishing near the light house on North Manitou Island this morning and caught three big kings very quickly. With reports like these coming in it is easy to say say it is time to go fishing for salmon.

I’ve had several calls recently from people interested in going on a charter boat for salmon out of Northport, MI. I told them that to my knowledge there are not any charters leaving from Northport and Leland is not only very close, but offers fishing like these stories and photos suggest. Some of the best salmon fishing in our region happens from Leland’s Fishtown. I could put my boat, the C-Worthy ,in any harbor and I chose Leland long ago because it offers day in and day out the best fishing. If you are reading and are from out of the area I suggest that Leland is the fishing destination of first choice to you. Leland charter boats are all experienced and can offer a quality time on the water.



  1. Leland is by far the greatest salmon fishing i’ve ever known. I take my boat out there several times a year and do amazing. I have seen C-Worthy out everytime i’m out so he definetly knows what he is talking about. The best part of all is that its not that well known so there is plenty of room for all.

    • You are right about Leland being a little-known, great place to fish. I like seeing everyone catch fish and enjoy what is there even if they are not fishing with me. Stop by the boat sometime and say hi and I’ll tell you what I know about current fishing conditions.

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