Posted by: cworthy | July 6, 2011

Northport – Leland Charter Fishing Report July 6, 2011

Bruce landed this nice king.

Bruce’s son-in-laws were out today to do some serious relaxing. At 6:35 a.m. they opened their first Heineken and then poured their first rum and coke at 7:30. Beer, then rum, then beer, then rum. The boys relaxed.

We fished at the island all morning and caught three kings with the pictured king being the biggest. We saw fish, though not a bunch, and I felt that  salmon are a viable option from here on, although trout are the target when catching a lot of fish is most important. These guys wanted to roll the dice and fish for kings and liked the result.



  1. Bill,

    Question, I have a small 16′ center consol with a 30hp outboard on it. This is not something I can take to the islands. So I am wondering would it be more beneficial to launch in Glen Arbor and fish the bay up past the homestead, or launch out of Leland and fish the first bank in the next few days? Thanks for your time. Love your blog, I take a peak every day!


    • Justin,
      I don’t have any fresh information on Sleeping Bear Bay, but I do know that the Burke Boys took a king on the first bank and another charter guy caught some trout there. I hope this helps. Bill

      • Thanks Bill! I will be out on the first bank tonight.

  2. we also got three last night at the island Bill. biggest was 15 and change and is a good pic with the kids – will send it along soon.
    swimming was frigid! biting flies on shore of the island would kill most people they are so thick – we could never clear the boat once we got em; the boys had registered over 200 “confirmed kills” before we pulled lines.
    would have normally stayed another 30-60 minutes but since the bite was so slow – we rode in under the last remaining light for most of the trip in.
    gonna go again today pm

  3. wish u hadnt said anything about expecting 0-3 fish per trip right now…… three one trip and zero the next. let’s change the report to something like between 2-12 fish – this would be much better for me!

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