Posted by: cworthy | July 4, 2011

July 4, 2011, Leland – Glen Arbor Fishing Report And The Scarlet Dress

Every now and then, even after thirty years of Charter fishing something new happens that makes me laugh. Yesterday was one of those moments. It wasn’t big thing and in telling I’m not sure I can make you see it, but I’ll try.

Of the people who climbed aboard that day she stood out. She was wearing a scarlet-red, full-length sun dress that made this 20-something woman attract your eye. She wasn’t very tall and that’s key in the story too.

It was a smooth sailing day. The sun was perfect, the laughter frequent and the empty beer bottles were filling the five-gallon trash bucket quickly. I found a school of hungry trout at the third place I looked and we were hooking one every few minutes. There were lots of cameras on board and everyone wanted to get their photo taken with the fish they caught. Once the picture was taken they would lean over the side and wash the fish slime off their hands in the lake.

After the girl in the scarlet dress caught her fish I turned to set the lines and when I turned around again one of the men was holding her by her  ankles high, I mean really high and she was head down over the side of the boat. It all happened quickly, certainly faster that it takes to read this. He kept tilting her legs up to what seemed nearly verticle and I thought she was going to lose her traction on the side and go for a plunge. At the last moment she jackknifed at the waist and bent her knees and he lowered her heels. She was safe and I was left with flash impression of the woman in the scarlet-red dress nearly upside  down poised for a swim in 100 feet of cold water.

Later when she was back on board she said she wanted to wash her hands, only she was short and needed help. Phew, that was close.

Then even later I was telling my wife and she said, “I get the image of a girl with her dress up around her neck.” and I said, “No it wasn’t that kind of story.” And I thought that it was probably just a surprise grin for me and if I’d been drinking beer along with them it might have seemed perfectly normal. OK, back to the fishing reports:

Bruce sent this photo of a king he caught early yesterday morning down really deep. The temp had moved down with the SW wind of the day before.

One of the other charter captains caught three kings two days ago at the island, but when he went back he had rips from two big fish and both got away and that was all.

The Burk boys are here from Iowa and stopped by to say hello and report that they caught one king on the first bank and some trout on salmon baits.

The consensus is that if you have your own boat and are fishing for yourself and don’t mind coming in empty-handed then you can fish for salmon and  might get lucky and catch a few. If you are a charter boat like the C-Worthy, coming in without a fish isn’t a game we like to play and so we’ll be waiting a little longer before we concentrate on salmon.

I hope your holiday is safe and fun.


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