Posted by: cworthy | June 28, 2011

Nathan Isn’t Sitting Around Either – He’s not waiting.

Here is what Nathan said in an email:

“I watch your fishing reports daily and would like to say thank you for keeping us posted.  We fished the North Island Sunday from 8 a.m. – 1p.m.  We had 7 bites in total and boated 6 fish.  3 lakers and 3 kings.  The kings were as follows; 1 3-4 pounder, 1 5-6 pounder, and 1 10-12 pounder.  The 4th king didn’t make it in the boat it put a good run on 300’ of copper.  Didn’t find the fish until 10:30 but they were scattered off the north point of the island over 140-220 ft of water.  Everything came upwards of 65 ft.  No rhyme or reason to the bite as meat, rotator fly, and spoons all took fish on copper, divers, and riggers.  They were scattered to say the least.  We started at the Ferry dock and headed north.  Picked up a couple of Lakers between the dock and the dunes but no sign of Kings until we got over the deeper water.  Hopefully a week will get more fish in the area as I’m planning on heading there again on Saturday morning.  It’s hard to say how it would have turned out if we had started at the North point when the light was lower…”

Thanks for the report Nathan. Next time send a picture of something that happened on your trip. Dead fish pics are good, but other things are too.


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