Posted by: cworthy | June 16, 2011

Salmon Getting Closer to Leland June 16, 2011

A reliable report from Frankfort said they are getting some good salmon catches. Now if the kings would just move north a little we’d be smiling. The surface temperature on the first bank was 53 degrees yesterday. That’s just right. If you have your own boat and don’t want to trailer to Frankfort it might be good to Fish out of Leland this weekend and post your results here for other to see.



  1. Bill, Do you see any naturally reproducing Lakers? Also what is the skinny on the Indian netting around Leland?



  2. I have not seen any small trout although that may not mean much. I did hear a second hand comment from a federal fish biologist that there is no natural laker reproduction in Lake Michigan.

  3. Bill, We fish Leland frequently although today was our first trip this year, and the only boat on the first bank. Flat calm and foggy. We ran a set of 8 lines and only one good hit fishing 3 colors off a board. We hardly marked any fish either. Are the Lake Trout still shallow or did they move out? Had hard time finding them too.


    • That’s where we fished on May 15 and we saw the same as you. No kings, but we did see trout off Whaleback in 60-70 feet of water. If you go there keep an eye out for the trap net flag on the south end of Whaleback.
      I think a look at the crib or inside Good Harbor or around to Innisfree could all be places where a king or three shows up. I’d look in the top fifty or sixty feet of water for the kings to start.

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