Posted by: cworthy | June 3, 2011

Leland Fishing Report – Lots of Trout

I went out yesterday morning to see what was swimming under the waves and caught 19 trout. We released all but two which we kept for dinner. When the fish come from shallow water like these did they have no problem going back down. The surface temperature of the water was in the mid forties and the fish didn’t have the double wammy of  July’s hot surface temperature coupled with coming from the pressures of the deep .

Hats off to the DNR for adjusting the lake trout regulations to avoid charter boats having to explain why we had to release big trout only to have them die on the surface. The new rules will work and fish won’t be killed and wasted.

Soon a few salmon will be showing up. I’m looking forward to that! Come to Leland and catch some trout and salmon.



  1. Thanks for the report!

  2. Thanx Bill we had a blast and got some good pics! We are already talking about next year we might try to come up later in the year for some salmon! Thanx again Trep, Jamie, and Will. 🙂

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