Posted by: cworthy | April 9, 2011

While we wait for summer salmon, how about a fish story….

Here is a little fishing story for those of you who follow this blog and want a fish story to get you through the day.

Yesterday, here in south Florida, I saw big schools of mullet along the beach and I know from experience that when the mullet are there so are big fish. The surf was light and the wind forecast favorable  for morning when often the big predators cruise in close. I took a 10 wt fly rod  that is up to the task with most of the fish that I might find.

With a fly rod I have to walk into the ocean to cast far enough to reach the fish. A spinning rod would be better, but that’s not what I do very often. Before I waded out I filled my stripping basket with 65 feet of fly line which gives me an effective casting distance of over 70 feet when I add in the leader.  I couldn’t see the water very well in the dark and was a little concerned that I could hear some pretty big waves roll on the sand around me. I was able to make several casts before a set of  big rollers nearly knocked me off my feet – no fun there trying to stand in the surf and get banged around. So, I headed for a differnet spot on the intra coastal waterway.

There it was as calm as a parking lot . I started out in the shadow of a bridge where I know snook hang out and worked my way along the shore  wading in water a little over knee deep. I fan cast out into the deep water and in shallow. It wasn’t long before I had a solid hit and something began taking line. While I was hoping for one of the monster jacks that run 10-25 pounds I was happy with this small one that was only 2-3 pounds. Jacks fight hard.

Not long after releasing it I cast up-current in the shallow water and stripped back toward me. when the fly got about 20 feet away a good snook grabbed it and it was game on!  I had fun with the fish until the leader broke. That was the last hit of the morning. When the sun crossed the horizon and most people were still snoring I headed home.

Hows that for a little fish story?

The Tibor Riptide reel that the fish is laying beside is pretty big and holds hundreds of yards of gelspun backing in case a heavy-weight decides to run a lot of line. While this Jack fought its only chance was a pulled hook and that didn't happen. Snook, with their rough teeth can grind through a leader, but jacks can't.


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