Posted by: cworthy | August 29, 2010

Leland Salmon Report – Very Late August

The last few days fishing has been slow, but that all changed this morning out at the north end of North Manitou as you can see in this picture. One of our down riggers broke and because the temperature was down around 120 feet we only fished with two lines and that was good enough.



  1. nice catch bill.

    does that stay pretty good out there straight thru the fall or is there a break in the action when the mature fish head inland?

    Would a guy use the same gear in the fall – just fishing higher and maybe longer leads?

    thanks – Steve

    • In past years we have had lots of 3-year fish replacing the 4-year old fish as the adults move to the rivers before now. It is unusual this year in that there are still many 4- year fish out there and only a few 3-year old salmon. In the past the 3-year fish stayed out around the island in big numbers until no one fished for them any more. Reports of big catches durting deer season have been heard in the past. But this year? Who knows?

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