Posted by: cworthy | August 25, 2010

August 25, 2010 Leland Fishing Report

When I got to the boat this morning the flag was standing out pretty straight and I didn’t think we’d be going out. But then one of the other charter boats who left early called in to say that the seas weren’t too bad and that coupled with some game fishermen on my boat sealed the deal for us. The report we heard was right; it wasn’t too rough going out to the island. In fact once there it was half way decent inside North Manitou where the island shields boats from the waves churning in the west.

The first fish we caught was a coho, then a 4-year king and then nothing for a long time. We fished all up and down the north half of the island and marked few fish. In all we had about 10 hits this morning and landed five. The temperature started down around a hundred and came up to 80 by the time we were finished. The other boats that were out caught between 3 and 6 fish each, so our catch was about what was going to happen.

The wind had picked up considerably by the time we came in although it wasn’t an unpleasant trip with the wind at our back.

Their joke of the day: Two peanuts were walking through the city. One was unsalted.

…..and these guys weren’t drinking.


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