Posted by: cworthy | August 24, 2010


Teaming with your grandson. What can be better than that.

Young Jack will start kindergarten in the fall. His grampa got him a minnow trap where, with the help of mom, he catches gobies and crayfish. Jack also likes catching a toad that lives by his house and live-trapping chipmunks with grampa. I'd say that this boy is on the right track.



  1. finally made it back out this PM (Tues)…..winds were getting pretty stiff from the SW so we turned back and fished the first bank – didnt do much…….ended up 5/6 but 4 were lakers – nice moon but too choppy to stay out after dark ….wind was whippin and the rain was falling – we pulled out.

    young buck from Texas got to reel in 5 fish and take 2 home to whittle on – so all was good.

    my temp gauge was broken but when the fish were around (not often) they were in the 80 foot range.

    tight lines Bill –

    will be in pentwater on my next days off but plan on hitting some of the young fish here this fall – maybe you can come along.


    • Thanks for the offer at Pentwater, but in a few days the early goose season starts, there is some striped bass fishing in Boston and then the grouse season here before deer hunting in Texas. I thought there should be plenty of time in retirement to get it all in, but I was wrong. I would like to hang with you on a walleye boat sometime, maybe in the spring or December if you are still chasing them then. Keep me posted on what you are doing and good luck. Did the prop thing get resolved?

      • I think i have the props and motor height nailed – we were in 3-5’s last night and never ventilated at all….will see where i sit when i can go full throttle to get some numbers for the prop engineer

        i will be out Leland a few times in the fall to try for some of those 2 yr old fish i keep hearing about – then will put away this rig and get after the walleyes.

        really would like to find some indoor summer storage up your way…somewhere i can come and go as i please….pole barn or mini-storage etc…. if you come across anything plz let me know…..need about 10.5 feet of clearance though – this is the difficult part.

        will catch up to you sooner or later!


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