Posted by: cworthy | August 22, 2010

August 22, 2010 Cloudy and Rough, But the Fish Didn’t Care.

It was Christi's birthday today.

Christi caught the biggest, Alex caught the most.

Mike brought Alex and Christi out fishing this morning and despite the rough conditions we had 10 or 12 hits and 6 fish in the box by 8:30 when they decided that they’d had a great morning and were ready to go in.

The kings were down about 80 in the middle of the island where we were fishing and they were eating both spoons and flies. We had four hits on Dipsys and didn’t land one of them. How can a fish hit that hard, run line and get off? A mystery to me.



  1. nice catch – those two bigger ones sure are beauties……..must have been a real battle for her.

    hope to see some similar fish tomorrow and tuesday.

    i had a day last year where 3/4 of the fish got loose – and we sharpen hooks, get good hook sets etc – not sure what was happening.
    conversely – my last 3 trips to the island all the fish were hooked so deep even the kids couldnt shake em off….had a couple with the fly in the throat past the gill rakers – they devoured the fly.
    not sure how some of them get off but it keeps me coming back!
    I hate to lose a fish but since a successful release is so difficult – some days I am glad they come off – especially if we can enjoy a battle for a few minutes first.

    maybe catch u at the dock this week.

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