Posted by: cworthy | August 18, 2010

The Wind Continues to Blow

No boats left Leland to fish the last two days after a huge mass of artic air fell down out of Canada breaking the heat we’ve had for so long. This morning the weather buoy shows wind at 17 knots and gusting into the 20s. Some boats may give it a try, but I advised my group to reschedule for later in the week after the wind and lake settled. The boats going out today might find fish, but then they might not. It reamains to be seen if warm water was pushed up on our shore driving the temperature where the salmon like to live deeper. I’ll find out today and post here later so those of you who have your own boats can make up your minds about what you’d like to do.



  1. I’m thinking of bringing my boat to Leland next week for a few days of fishing. Has the ramp and side dock been improved at all from last year ? There was a hump in the ramp after the paving job and the side dock was very short. I’ll be trying to launch a 32′ boat.
    Are fish being caught at the first break or should I head to the north side of N. Manitou ? This is my first trip to Leland.
    Thanks for your time,

    • The ramp is the same as last year. After this wind I’m not sure where the fish will show first, but the island would be a good bet. Good luck.

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