Posted by: cworthy | August 9, 2010

August 9, 2010 Tons of Salmon Out There

John and his boys have fished with me several times over the years and I was glad to see their names again on my calendar. I’ve watched these guys grow up.

We headed out to the island this morning and started seeing fish on the screen as soon as we slowed down. The fish were down about 85 feet and were hitting everything that was put in front of them. I think Ben said that we caught 8 or so in the first half hour. I know I could never get the lines all set. In the end we stopped with 16 big kings and went in a little after 9:00. John gave most of his fish to the Father Fred  feed the homeless program, which will be well appreciated by many.



  1. nice box – that cooler looks stuffed!

    i made it out there monday night too but did not find any active fish up higher…….i was marking them though.
    my leadcore-snap weight rig took zero hits, my higher dipsey took zero hits and my low dipsey went 0/2.
    my riggers went zero near the 120-140 mark so i kept lowering them find very good action 150-177 down……maybe it was just a coincidence and the fish went on a food binge when my rods were down lower but the dipseys were nearly dead the whole night.

    we picked up our smoked fish from carlson’s before going out and took a piece with us – MAN is that stuff good!!


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