Posted by: cworthy | August 4, 2010

August 4, 2010 An Epic Battle

Jesse on the right.

“An epic battle” weren’t my words, but those of Jesse who lives in Kentucky where his father said there isn’t much fishing nearby unless you like gars. Jesse was referring to what it is like to catch a big king and as many of you know he is probably right. Sometimes I think I’ve seen too many fish caught to get excited and it takes a Jesse to see these great fish through someone else’s eyes.

We were fishing off the north end of North Manitou down about 130 feet and marked lots of fish. We had a lot of action in addition to the ones we boated and lost quite a few more. Our catch percentage wasn’t very good, but today it didn’t make a difference.

Chris who organized the charter said they had enough fish before their trip was scheduled to be over and we headed in to Leland. I respected that as at some point catching, killing and wasting fish is something we should think about when we have a box full.



  1. NICE job Bill!

    All the reports of the island fishing coerced me into taking one more vacation day, rounding up a new group of relatives and limping out to the island.

    Boy were we rewarded! started on the NE corner and planned to work the edge around the bend to the NW but got a fish right off the bat (145 down) while i was setting the second line and the game was on.
    We made it to the north bar and by the time we got turned around we were over 500 fow and box was almost full. I called “ten minute rule” and a few minutes later we had a triple and boxed out.

    I had two kids under 12 and one Texan and all I can say is that it was very good planning installing the autopilot!!

    will ship you a few pics.

    WOW! what a trip…..never even got my lead out. All my fish were flasher/fly 145 and 157 on the balls only got 2 fish off dipsey 225 with ring.

    Thanks again for the blog Bill.


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