Posted by: cworthy | August 3, 2010

August 3, 2010

Lots of good kings caught today.

Temperature was down a 140 feet on the first bank this morning according to a friend who was fishing there. The rest of us went to the island and had good catches fishing down a hundred feet. The water was just rough enough to discourage smaller boats and almost rough enough to be uncomfortable, but it wasn’t . We caught them on flys, spoons, and Dipsey’s with flys.



  1. For the inshore fishermen – I found some fish on the north end of the sand banks – offshore a ways and quite deep. Our first 7 fish came 160-180 down over 190-250 fow and our last 6 fish – all mid teeners (one laker too) – were 250-275 down over 400-525 fow. flasher/fly took about half and glow spoon on a full core with a one pound snap weight took the best 2 fish.
    had a freight train of a steelie grab my fly on the way down but she got free – like many do.

    all in all a great morning – and didnt burn much gas.


  2. Fishing 250 feet down. Wow!!!!!!!!!

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