Posted by: cworthy | August 1, 2010

Steve’s First Bank Report

Steve sent these from the 1st bank

These shots are from the fisrtst bank this weekend.



  1. Havent had so much luck on the first bank since this SW wind developed. My probe showed almost 70 degrees at 100 feet down. Not sure where the temp break is but 180 down on the rigger has done us the best so far.
    We got 4 smaller fish yesterday and only two lakers today – but one was 15 pounds and out of the slot – so it went into the box – as we have a crew to feed tonight!
    One more trip tomorrow A.M. before I go home and get my new props on, go to work for a few days and then come back and pound the islands!

    god luck Bill and thanks for this great forum


    • Hi,

      As long as the weather forecast is fair, I am cruizing my 25ft. Hardtop Bayliner Trophy around the horn from
      TC in a week to check out the fishing. I have never left
      GT Bay before. Can you tell me what you call the first bank, second bank etc…. Also which Islands you are referring to.
      I assume there are “sand bar type formations” between Manitou’s and Leland. The first is closest to Leland, and so on. I assume the islands are the Manitous. I know its hard to say today, but which island would I see the most action for the 24 hours that I will be

      • Pablo, you ask a lot of questions, but are some answers. The first bank is a mile out of Leland and runs north and south. The second bank is a little north of west on the compass and can be found about four miles from Leland. The islands are North and South Manitou and I am always referring to the north island in this blog unless I say otherwise. If you can trailer your boat to Leland and start there it would be the best idea, but if you can’t trailer in then stay in Leland for a night or two and fish before you head back “around the horn.” Good luck.

  2. Temp dropped to 140 feet on the first according to a friend.

    • Thank you for a great thread !!

  3. Hi Bill,

    I often reflect back on the fond memories from when I crewed for you in the early 90’s. Since we moved back to Northern Michigan I have enjoyed spending time on the water with my son and dad. I learned a lot from you in the past and really enjoy your forum. Fish On!

    • Lew,
      I remember early mornings when I’d pick you up at your house and off we’d go for the day of fishing!

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