Posted by: cworthy | July 30, 2010

July 30, 2010 Leland – Best Salmon Fishing of The Year

The salmon ate all kinds of baits. They were on the See it -eat it diet. I think I need to add line to this reel 🙂

The last two days the salmon fishing in Leland has been red-hot with double digit catches on every boat that I checked.  And if that’s not enough the kings have been really big. Only a few young fish mixed in. The temperature where the kings like to feed has moved up some, but is still below a hundred feet in most places at the island.

I don’t have a report from the first bank.



  1. hope to get out to the island but as far as the first bank goes – it is a ghost town for fishermen but I found a few fish there…….enough to keep my young nephews interested (yesterday the 31st).

    temp was 110-120 and down but we were midday so I normally try to fish close to the bottom. We tried to stay in around 200+ off the bank and had my riggers go off best at 180-190.

    we came in and skipped primetime and went 6-7


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