Posted by: cworthy | July 26, 2010


I know a lot of guys with their own boats read this report and thought I’d like to get us all thinking about boat safety on the first bank. About this time of year when it stays dark longer we have one group of boats headed out to the island and another fishing the first bank. Boats leaving the harbor headed for the island sometimes find it hard to see boats that are fishing in the dark even when they have running lights on. The lights that come with many boats are small and don’t show well.  If you are fishing the first bank in the morning it  might be a good idea to have a strong flashlight along to shine at boats that are running out until you are sure they see you. Another good thing to have since many of the charters have their radar on is a radar reflector on board. You can buy one at West Marine or you can make one of your own out of reflective foil. If you  have an old fishing rod that you can attach it to up in the air as high as you can get it in the bow, it will make you show up large on radar. Sometimes a small, low boat doesn’t show up well.

Good fishing out there!!!


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