Posted by: cworthy | July 24, 2010

July 24, 2010 Hungry Salmon Everywhere.

Bob and a couple of big kings.

Here is Bob holding up two of the fish we caught this morning. We had 8 in the cooler by 8:30 when the rain came and we headed in.
There were fish all over and if they had really been feeding we should not have been able to keep one line in the water. The kings were down about 95 feet out at the island and hit everything we put in front of them.



  1. I only have a 16 ft boat so the islands are out of the question unless calm waters. Are there any being caught on the first bank? Thanks- County Resident

    • Justin,
      A friend caught salmon on the first bank the last two mornings. While there weren’t a ton there, there were enough to have fun catching a few. Also there are lotsw of trrout too, so good luck.

      • Thanks Bill! Looks like I will be heading to Glen Arbor or Leland tomorrow. I’ll be giving you a full report on my findings! 🙂

      • Bill- Returning the heads up from fishing Sunday. I did not end up getting out on the big lake because of that N – NW wind. Went to West Bay in the morning and caught one two year salmon. Went to East Bay Sunday evening and caught a nice 3 year around 15 pounds and a one year salmon. Maybe sometime this week I will be able to make it out to the big lake.

  2. that’s awesome!. I always have thoughts of big salmon in my 14 smokercraft – just never put it together yet.
    i know that that if you are not afraid of the dark that you can get lots of fish out of temp near shore!

    thanks for the hot reports Bill

    • When I started lake Michigan fishing for salmon back in the 60s, yes I’m that old, I bought a new 15- foot, row boat style, Aero Craft with a 25 hp Evenrude on the back. I trailered that boat all over the state for many years. It had home-made manual downriggers of dryer spools, welded steel, and pipe. My point in telling you this is that you can go out on the big lake in your boat if you stay close to home, like on the first bank, which is just a mile out. You don’t have to do what I do and charge all over the lake. In fact I’ll bet you have as much or more fun than I do and that is saying a lot. I used to fish weekends all day for two days and was happy if I caught two fish. Now if I do that in a morning I feel bad. I think I was better off then, don’t you? Get in your boat, pick your good weather moments, and go fishing and let luck take care of the rest. You’ll be the winner no matter how many you catch.

      • One more thought about fishing in the dark, especially this time of year. Small craft are hard to see in the dark. Carry a big bright light to display and a ball of aluminum foil the size of a soccer ball in your landing net that you prop up in the air as high as you can so you will show up like a ship on other boats radar as they cross the first bank in the dark. The small lights that most boats use are hard to see through morning, fogged windows. A heavy flash light pointed at a boat coming near the first bank is appreciated and not rude in my opinion. You need to be seen.

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