Posted by: cworthy | July 14, 2010

July 13, 2010 Leland Fishing Report

One of the captains said to me that he marked all kinds of salmon this morning, but the bite was slow. He only had a half dozen big rips and didn’t land all of them. Reports from other boats were 3-6 kings per boat with trout on top of that. The temperature is moving up, less than a hundred feet and that is a good thing. Now if the kings would all decide to eat when I’m out there next….



  1. nice job bill!

    what a year I am having to get up there!

    I did take a salmon shakedown cruise out of Tawas the other day with my parents and landed a four trout – 2 steel and 2 natives. Man – you are right – the right sized natives are very good!

    hope to be up as soon as next week for some long weekends.

    thanks for the reports –

    Steve (Chaos)

    • See you soon Steve. I’ll be interested in that new boat you’ve got.

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