Posted by: cworthy | June 14, 2010

June 14, 2010 Cool and Gray Here This Morning

The best of the morning.

It was cool and gray out on the water this morning, but that didn’t keep the fish from biting. I went to the island and fished for salmon and while I caught a lot, they weren’t that big. Right now the fish are moving and you don’t know what kind of fish will be out there until you go fish for them. They can be big or small, there is no predicting it to any degree.

Another charter boat went lake trout fishing and caught 20-25, but was only able to keep a few that were under the 23″ slot limit. The rest  were released. These fish swam away, but soon when the water temperature goes up and the fish go deep many of them will float away when they are released  because of the pressure and temperature changes. I hate to see a big trout getting its eyes pecked out by gulls.

I am heartened that the DNR is reviewing size limits for lake trout and hope they will make it so none need to be wasted. I would rather see a smaller bag limit of two fish than the present bag limit of three fish with a slot size to keep them. If the DNR fisheries managers can do their jobs without political interference then I believe they will make good decisions like they have in other areas they manage.


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