Posted by: cworthy | June 8, 2010

June 8, 2010 They Came From the Land of Lincoln

Greg with the best king of the morning.

Yesterday when Greg was booking the trip with me Valeria, Greg’s  wife, wasn’t so certain that she wanted to get out of bed real early and skip gentle, relaxed morning coffee  to go in the dark to Fishtown and get on a fishing boat, but in the end she did. In fact she was about as nice a person to spend a morning with fishing as you could ask for.

We started off the morning with three quick salmon, which would normally be good, but these fish were smallish and we threw two back. Before the morning was over we let go another and kept five all to be smoked at Carlson’s Fish Market. By the look she gave him I’m not sure Valeria was thrilled with Greg when he told her that the five smoked salmon would be ready tomorrow , but he smiled and all was well in the world. Like I say, nice people.


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