Posted by: cworthy | May 31, 2010

May 30, 2010 Leland Fishing Report

When I try to explain why this lake trout has to be put back in the lake, I can't. All the easy answers like saving the spawners are bull and the DNR knows it, because there isn't any natural spawning for reasons unknown. There are plenty of big trout and they don't spawn.

The DNR has done a credible job with steelhead, like the one Emily caught.

The DNR has also done a good job with managing salmon. Maybe it is the feds who have their heads in the sand with the lake trout. Let the few trout caught by sport fishermen go in the cooler and be done with it.

I took my wife and daughter fishing today. We got up late, ate a casual breakfast, meandered our way to Leland and went fishing about the time you might expect the action to slow down. Only today it wa s different. We stopped at the second bank and caught a couple of “keeper”  trout for dinner and threw back some more that were over the 23 inch maximum limit. After the dinner fish were on ice we went to North Manitou Island to see what we might catch there in the middle of the day.

Our first fish was a very good steelhead that jumped and jumped. Then came a good king and some smaller kings that we put back. Later Emily caught another big king that is pictured here. While we didn’t mark many fish we did end up with a dozen caught in the middle of the day. Not bad, I’ll take that most days.

For those of you who want to know a little more for when you go, the kings were about 45-55 feet down at the island. There is a trap net on the south end of North Manitou half way between Dimmick’s Point and the village. It is well marked . I don’t have any first bank information for you.



  1. talked to freind ,member of benzie fish program ,they are meeting to try to get lake trout size limit changed to 2 fish any size. hope it passes.took 5 lake trout all over 7 14 lbs.last week doesn’t seem right to throw fish back like that.thanks for great fishing site

    • I’m glad to hear that and hope to see a change for the better. Do you remember when one year the lake trout slot size was not keeping anything under 24″ and the next year we couldn’t keep anything over 23″. This kind of thinking undermines the good work that our DNR does by erroding confidence in them.

      • feds are in total support of the sea gulls and since slot trout make great gull food – it is all good with them!

        similar logic on the cormorants…..

        walleyes are thick here in our rivers and in the Saginaw Bay – i have been a few times but mainly find myself at ball games and track meets. Not sure when I can get up to Leland – hopefully very soon!

        Any changes to that high spot on the ramp?


  2. Your walleye fishing sounds exciting. Those ball games and track meets can never be repeated, but fishing can. That was what guided Lucy and me when our kids were in school and it was right-on. I’d like to go back and see one again and, looking back, am glad we didn’t miss any.

    Most boats have no trouble going over the ramp, but you should bring a couple of 4-foot, 2x6s or 9s to have at the ready in case you have a problem the first time.

  3. Sounds like the salmon fishing is going to be great this year. Do you think they are at Charlevoix yet?

    • I haven’t heard any reports, but you’d have to think that some are moving that way. One thing I’ve noticed here is an increase in baitfish for the kings to feed on. In the past when we had lots of bait the kings stopped here and stayed. I can’t say that will be the case again, but we do have food for them.

  4. It looks like you guys had fun! I like the family pictures.

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